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Marketing Strategy and the Healthcare Industry

Marketing for a healthcare company is both the same and quite different than marketing for a company that’s not in the health sector. The same ideas, principles and concepts apply, but the nature of the products and services means that special care must be taken to reach your target audience while complying with all applicable rules and regulations. Whether you are targeting healthcare consumers or healthcare professionals, the first step toward reaching your business goals is creating a marketing strategy.


What is a Marketing Strategy for a Healthcare Company?

As with any marketing strategy, the goal of a healthcare marketing strategy is to create a long-term plan designed to engage your target audience and boost leads and conversions. Within the strategy will be specific marketing tactics or action steps designed to bring the plan to fruition.

Healthcare Vision

Why a Healthcare Company Needs a Marketing Strategy

Every healthcare company needs a marketing strategy as an outline or path and to avoid wasting valuable time and money on marketing activities that aren’t getting the results you need. A healthcare marketing strategy takes a preparatory approach, rather than simply reacting to what’s going on in the marketplace. It is the best way to ensure your marketing messages resonate with the right people at the right time, when they are looking for what you have to offer.

Anatomy of a Good Healthcare Marketing Strategy

A good healthcare marketing strategy must take a multi-channel approach with a great deal of focus on research and analysis of the market and your competitors. It’s also important to identify your core competencies and goals and then keep them top of mind during every step of the process. The right tactics will help move your plan along and make each one of your marketing objectives come to life.

Healthcare marketing 2
Healthcare marketing

Why Invest in a Marketing Strategy?

It’s critical to stand out in a market that have been over-saturated for years, and if you go blindly into your marketing you’re sure to have issues and setbacks that could be avoided. Gaining a deep understanding of the people that you want to buy your products and services is a must in modern healthcare marketing, and investing in a marketing strategy is the best way to get the information you need and the planning needed to make it a reality.

Working in a Regulated Industry

One of the big differences between creating a marketing strategy for a standard business and a healthcare business is that the healthcare industry is heavily regulated. Depending on the nature of your offerings, there may be strict government regulations to follow in every step of your marketing, whether it be your website, social media, email marketing or advertising. Taking regulations into consideration is crucial to keep your marketing campaigns effective and keep them active.

Healthcare compliance

When advertising to consumers, certain aspects of your campaign will be highly regulated and some won’t be. As an example, if you are showing a Pharma ad, you must ensure you aren’t showing the ads to contraindications and off-label uses, but you need to include the black box warning and side effects. If these elements are done incorrectly, you could incur heavy FDA fines, which is why signing on with a marketing agency that knows the ropes is critical to your success.

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Targeting Both Healthcare Consumers and Professionals

If you are targeting both healthcare consumers and professionals, segmenting your audience will allow you to be specific and reach them where they are without having to be too broad or general. These are the kinds of tactics that will make your healthcare marketing strategy stand out and get youa bigger share of the marketplace.

When marketing to doctors, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a little over one million doctors in the US and they have limited time to be looking at ads and marketing materials. When you add to that the fact that it is a highly competitive space, you realize it’s crucial to make the most of your marketing efforts and hiring an experienced healthcare marketing consultant makes the most sense. We know how to find HCPs and we know how they prefer to engage with companies, so we can hold their attention and get the right products in front of them.

With healthcare consumers, it can be challenging to identify the right audience because of strict HIPPA laws. You aren’t allowed to know who has a specific medical condition, but our experience means we know how to find indicators (treatments, symptoms) and lookalike audiences to narrow the focus and get results.

Digital Marketing Services to Build your Healthcare Market

More than just the way it looks, your website functions as a tool to build your brand, engage with potential customers, determine which tactics are working and increase your overall business productivity.



When you know who you are competing against, you level the playing field. A comprehensive competitive analysis offers insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your business rivals. We can help drive your business by assessing the marketplace and finding you a competitive edge.

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Content is most effective when you present it as a story; a story for a specific audience, at an exact stage of the buyer’s journey. We can help turn your content into the personalized story people crave.

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Cold calling, direct mail, and generic email blasts are tactics of the past that turn people off. Today’s effective marketing strategies allow prospective customers to find you naturally and offers up meaningful content at every stage of the buyer's journey.

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Most companies don’t realize social media is part of the new-age buyer’s journey. If your potential customers are on social media, we’ll help you create an integrated communication strategy and social campaign to connect you with your social audience.

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Using social media for lead generation – what we like to call Social Selling – is where the most successful salespeople are concentrating their efforts in today’s extremely competitive digital marketing landscape. We can teach you and your team how to master social selling.

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A paid advertising strategy allows you to immediately connect with people who are searching for your products or services. By leveraging granular control over your marketing performance, paid ads allow you to reach target customers based on multiple dimensions including device, time, and location.

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When done right, email marketing can be targeted, meaningful, and still one of the most effective marketing tactics to nurture and engage with your audience throughout the buyer's journey.

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