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Define Your Tailored Healthcare Marketing Funnel

Define Your Tailored Healthcare Marketing Funnel
Summary: To create your healthcare marketing funnel strategy, you'll want to base it on the fundamental behavior of the healthcare market during the buyer journey.

We all know what a funnel is and how it works. It is very simple, a large amount of “something” enters into the a wide top and is directed down to a smaller hole at the bottom towards its final destination, ensuring that everything passes to the other side completely.


But What is a Marketing Funnel?

Unlike a normal funnel, marketing funnels can lose some if not most of the people that enter into the top.  The aim is ensure that the large amount of the potential buyers that you attracted at the top of the funnel make it through to the bottom by using a series of strategies to make a conversion to a real client happen.  Did you know that in the healthcare market, according to HITMC, between 60% and 90% of B2B healthcare buyers are almost at the end of the buying cycle when they decide to contact a vendor? 

This is due to the hectic life of a healthcare service provider, they live their issues and needs on a daily basis.  So, when they finally take the time to look for a solution, they are determined to take the best one almost immediately.  Let’s fine out how to tailor your Healthcare Marketing Funnel to meet the needs of these busy providers.


Steps to Start Building Your Healthcare Marketing Funnel

To create your healthcare marketing funnel strategy, you’ll want to base it on the fundamental behavior of the healthcare market during the buyer journey.  We will explain each part of the marketing funnel to you step by step:

  • Awareness: The number one funnel strategy for healthcare marketing should be to have the most prominent search engine presence and make sure you get straight to the point on every piece of text within your website content. This is achieved by educating your audience with what your solution does and how it can help solve their issues.  Optimizing for SEO appropriately to reach your healthcare target audience helps to specifically highlight your service and/or product when they are searching for a solution on their own time.
  • Active evaluation: At this stage, they are looking at several options and are determining who they want to talk to for more information. Most likely you are not the only option on the table, so you should show them how to get in touch with you as much as possible. The tactic to take here ranges from clearly recognizable CTAs on your website to showing them how to engage with customer service 24×7. In healthcare markets, the decision makers are often the doctors or other equally busy staff members.  They may need to speak to someone after hours when all of the patients are gone.  It is important to be available or have engaging content like whitepapers or short videos to make them understand your solutions better before they can commit to moving forward.
  • Decision-making: At this stage, it is easy to just sit back and wait for the potential client to make up their mind, but a smart healthcare marketer would realize this is when you need to introduce a nurturing campaign to feed them additional information about your solution that may have been missed during the evaluation period. Healthcare providers don’t have a lot of time to make the decision, but may also need to be nudged.  The ideal is to do a subtle follow-up with extra and relevant information that can solve any doubts that your solution is the best one for them. This type of nurturing is typically done with email marketing to keep your solution at the top of the mind while they are making their decision.
  • Post-purchase: Achieving the contract or business feels really good doesn’t it.  But your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop there. After that first purchase, the real objective is now to focus on retention and a possible referral to someone like them.  After all, the referral could be beneficial to the both of you if you hand out referral bonuses. Give your new client a follow-up and always keep your current customers in mind when trying to find more business.  Be sure that they are satisfied with your solution and would be a good referral down the road.


Healthcare Market Behavior

Use the data from your marketing funnel experience as an opportunity to make improvements, and to learn about the needs of your potential clients by identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your strategy. Take advantage of the end of the funnel to run a survey of both new clients and existing to recount the buying experience. Seek an answer to questions such as:

  • How much time did it take for the potential client to move from active evaluation to decision-making?
  • Could you classify the questions that they had during the evaluation? Economic, details about the service, etc.?
  • Could your material be optimized to resolve these questions quicker?
  • Where did your potential client come from?
  • How long did the potential client stay in each stage of the funnel?
  • What means of communication worked best during this process?


With this information, you’ll be able to optimize your healthcare marketing funnel strategies and achieve many more closed deals. You will also be able to get ideas on what digital content to create.  Ask yourself if all that information could be made readily available in a social media post, a blog, or an FAQ section on your website, would this help potential clients to convert to real clients faster.

The digital healthcare world has had an explosion of grown in the last 5 years which has created buyers who have new tools to research, evaluate and make decisions about your solutions. During HIMSS, the latest data is that 47% of healthcare organizations expect to expand their use of connected health technologies in the coming years because they recognize the impact and optimization that digital solutions provide (Source: HIMSS).

If your customers are going through a digital shift, then you should as well.  At WSI Healthy Digital Solutions, we have been around to see the digital transformation in the healthcare industry and can help you to learn how to move digital buyers to clients.  Reach out to us today for your free consultation.

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