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Summary: Let's see the benefits of creating blogs for your brand.

Blogging has been a consistent and reliable inbound marketing strategy throughout the years. It has been able to adapt to all digital marketing innovations, even in this current era with virtual assistants and voice searches. Blogs emerge as a way to communicate with the target audience and show how your brand understands their needs and anticipates their doubts.

Nowadays, your target audience asks questions clearly and expects to find the same answer in search engines. So, in addition to showing yourself as an expert in the field, you must ensure you are well-positioned in search engines. Blogging and SEO are joint strategies for this and you must use both correctly for your blog to fulfill its purpose.

Blogging Benefits

Let’s see the benefits of creating blogs for your brand.

Building Trust
When the topics of your blogs are accurate and provide your target audience with an answer, you become a reliable source of information and support for your audience. Where they will start to become loyal followers of your brand. They will know that they can turn to you to solve their problems, discover new data, or learn relevant information on their topics of interest.


Engagement will grow organically based on how well you address your audience’s needs in the blogs. Your audience will search on your website more frequently, the bounce rate on the website will be reduced, and the time of each visit on your page will increase. This creates trust with your brand while boosting your website’s dominance and relevance in search engines.

Leads Generation

According to Demand Metrics, on average, companies with blogs produce 67% more monthly leads than those without. Take the opportunity to not only interact but formalize the trust with the audience by inviting them to subscribe to your email marketing or newsletter. Here you start to create the first base of your marketing funnel that you can capitalize later.

Product or Service Visibility

You are highlighting and reinforcing a need by blogging on topics related to your products or services. Write about all the solutions your products offer, and always try to give the perspective of a different buyer persona, so there will be content for everyone.

SEO Blogging

Blogs are an excellent opportunity to use different SEO strategies to position the website among the #1 position in search engines and boost paid advertising. We will tell you which strategies are the easiest and most effective.

Internal Linking

Take advantage of keywords in your blog to add links to your products and use them as a way to show Google what products are important. You can also use these links to take the audience to other landing pages, blogs, or alternate websites to increase interaction and position your website as a relevant site.


According to Search Metrics, the average word count of top-ranked content on Google is between 1,140-1285 words! Take advantage of all those words to boost your ranking. Search for the keywords in trend data and distribute them among the text. We recommend using a maximum of one per paragraph so you can focus on just one word and make it easier for the search engine to identify it.

Featured Snippets and Meta Descriptions

These small paragraphs in which you describe what your blog is about will appear below the title in search engine results. They are the key to deciding whether your text is relevant. After researching the keywords, do a quick search of the topic you are writing about and define the information they have; you will have to come up with a short and assertive description with the keywords to climb to the top positions.


Image descriptions are also important. Take advantage of keywords to name your images before adding them to your website. Add a maximum of 2 to 3 images relevant to the topic, use the most searched words on the subject, or try with keywords relevant to your brand. Remember to check the size of the images, since uploading heavy elements increases the site’s loading time and affects the positioning.

A website with just the right words and links can create a great impact on the visibility of your brand on the web. If you want support implementing this new strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have experience blogging for various levels of businesses, helping them to reach the right audience and establishing a trusted connection between them and the brand.

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