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How to Get Your Medical Website to the Top of Google’s Results Page

How to Get Your Medical Website to the Top of Google’s Results Page

For any healthcare business looking to grow online, your path towards success -undoubtedly- has to go through Google. The giant search engine is the number one go-to source for the majority of online users searching the web for answers to their inquiries.

As of late, the medical industry has turned its attention, and grown its appetite, for digital marketing, and search engine optimization. That is why more and more healthcare industry professionals have sought the services of digital marketing specialists to assist them in their climb to the top of Google’s search engine results page. This article will provide tips and techniques as to how you can implement minor changes to your website that will draw a major impact. Here is how to get your medical website to the top of the Google results page.


1- Make Your Website Fast and Mobile Friendly 

Users value speed and friendliness. Your website should adopt both these essential elements if you want to please your customers that frequent your website. The first step in Medical SEO is having a fast and reliable website. This means a fast loading time for images and articles. How fast should a website load? Google says the ideal loading time is 2 seconds.

Speed is not the only factor. Making your website mobile-friendly is also important. Implement these aspects into your website and guarantee the health of your website


2- Healthcare Content 

Your website should have a wide array of trusted health content that provides valuable knowledge and information. These include blogs, landing pages, e-books, and any other content that satisfies your users. Here is a tip for your website: create a lot of video content. Video content has shown to be the number one content type for online users moving forward. Video content has proven to help with SEO. Having video content on your website is a safe bet to set you on the right path to that coveted number one spot on Google. 


3- Pick the Right Keywords 

Keywords are the way customers find you online through Google. Keywords are the words your customers will type in when searching online for their inquiry. Choose the right keywords that you want your website to rank for. If you are not sure what keywords are the ones that best fit your business, you may want to seek the help of an SEO specialist to help you find the right keywords to rank for.


4- Build Your Network 

Networking is everything, especially online. Through link building, you will have other websites linking back to your website, a feature that Google values incredibly. Inbound links are a valuable SEO commodity. Even if you link through your social media, that still holds value. Establish website authority by having other websites link back to yours.


5- Register Your Business on Google

It will be difficult for anyone to find you on Google if you haven’t registered your business with the search engine. Complete your Google My Business page with all relevant information so that online users can seamlessly search and find your business on the results page.


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