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Multi-Channel Marketing in a Digital Healthcare World

Multi-Channel Marketing in a Digital Healthcare World
Summary: A multi-channel marketing strategy involves using several marketing channels in order to send the same message to the audience and thus increase the chances of achieving business goals.

We all surf the internet, consuming and researching information on a variety of different channels, and this is no different in the healthcare industry or in B2B type businesses. 

The people in charge of making the decision to hire a new service, form a partnership, or make a new investment, will always look for some type of guarantee on the internet that guides them to make the best choice.

And this is not new, there used to be a connection between channels such as television, radio, banners, and events, while now in addition to them, we have some more popular ones such as websites, social networks, blogs, and online videos.

The digital world has revolutionized and improved the interaction with the digital health care market, expanding the means to transmit messages and also receive a response back.

Did you know that according to Hootsuite, customers who engage with you across multiple channels are observed to have a 30% higher lifetime value?

This is because patients have many more options to interact with your organization and be aware of products, solutions, treatment options, etc., and both information and care will be familiar in any channel.

What Is Multi-Channel Marketing? 

A multi-channel marketing strategy involves using several marketing channels in order to send the same message to the audience and thus increase the chances of achieving business goals.

This message can be a launch product, promotions, special events, or simply send a homogeneous branding in the media to give the audience the option of finding you in the digital spaces that they already frequent, since everyone has their favorite social network, and you must be there with them. 

Did you know that 45% of consumers believe that retailers fail to offer a multi-channel experience in a fast-paced manner? (Source: Real Wire), if you offer Healthcare services, we definitely do NOT want to be part of that stat.

A Multichannel strategy in Healthcare is of the utmost importance and very effective, more and more doctors are promoting their work on social networks, so running into them there will be much easier. 

Make sure that all your accounts have a backlink to a very complete website, with information about each of your services and the option of direct contact or a booking system, either immediate such as a chatbot, WhatsApp or scheduling calls or virtual appointments.

Let us remember that the main idea of ​​multichannel is precisely to connect with your target audience where they want, how they want and when they want.

Tips for Building a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy. 

Using social networks in a Multi-channel marketing campaign means mimicking consumer behavior, just as Forbes recommends to us, saying “It is trending toward using many platforms to research and interact with companies prior to purchasing.”

Imagine how you would like to be attended to or what facilities you feel are missing in the world of Digital Healthcare that would make your search much faster and easier, you will apply this in your multichannel strategy.

Once this new strategy has started and the multiple interactions with the brand begin, your potential customers will be able to become more familiar with your products, services, and treatment options.

As with any marketing campaign, there are necessary components that go into a successful integrated marketing campaign. There are many different channels from both digital and traditional marketing, and your strategy will help guide you to which ones will work best for your audience.

Major marketing channels include:

  • PPC and print advertising
  •  Direct marketing via regular mail
  •  Email marketing
  • Sales promotions
  • Public relations
  • Digital marketing (website, content marketing, SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Events and sponsorships 

Here are some to keep in mind when building your strategy: 

Establish the Overall Goal – This is the overarching goal of the campaign or what you want to have accomplished once it is complete.

Choose the Marketing Channels – There are many of them, and not everyone is suitable for every business. If you keep the end goal in mind when selecting channels, it will help guide you in the right direction.

Define Buyer Personas – This should be done as a whole and by each individual channel. The persona for a social media platform may differ from one for a traditional radio ad.

Determine Your Tactics – If the strategy is the overall plan, the tactics are the specific action steps that will take you to your goal.

Create a Lead Generation Plan – Generating leads is a must for all channels if you expect your campaigns to be successful.


Measure and Assess – It’s important to determine a method of measurement and assessment so you can troubleshoot your campaigns effectively.

And the most important part, analyze the metrics periodically to constantly optimize, in this way you will always stay one step ahead.

Benefits of a Multi-Channel Approach

Far from being just a buzzword or trendy marketing gimmick, multi-channel marketing has tangible benefits for any business that wants to take the time to do it right. Regardless of your industry, your prospective customers don’t spend all their time in the same place.

Some love social media, some prefer to use search engines to find what they need, some still read direct mail and some watch local television. With a multi-channel approach, you have a much higher chance of reaching your target audience on their own terms. 

Reach a Much Wider Audience – As mentioned above, not everyone that would purchase your products and services is in the same place, so branching out and serving multiple marketing channels will expand your reach.

Tracking Behaviors – With advanced analytics available, it’s possible to track customer behaviors like never before. As an example, you can send ads based on browsing history or send offerings via email based on how someone interacted with your website.

Stay Top of Mind – Opinions vary on how much, but attention spans have certainly shrunk, and using a multi-channel marketing approach can help keep you top of mind more often.

Building Trust – In modern marketing, trust is the key factor that will help you boost leads and conversions. When people see consistent messaging across multiple platforms, it will help create trust and familiarity with your brand, which will ultimately increase your sales.

Sharing Assets – With you implementing cross-channel marketing, you can create one piece of content and then share or repurpose it for your other channels. This saves you time and money, while still accomplishing your marketing goals.

Synchronize Your Marketing Efforts 

This main brand awareness strategy will allow you to be present everywhere all the time, always with a clear and unified message about your products and services, which will increase the customer experience, positioning you as the best option. 

At WSI Healthy Digital Solutions, we have experience setting up and coordinating integrated marketing campaigns that optimize your marketing results.

Contact us for a quote or read more about our marketing strategy services.


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