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Summary: For the best results, your marketing strategy should consist of a multi-channel or integrated approach. You’ll want to look at the overall size of your market and start from there.

A good healthcare marketing strategy encompasses a wide range of variables that work in unison with one another to reach all of your long-term marketing objectives. Whether you are marketing to healthcare professionals or consumers, a sound strategy will allow you to gain a complete understanding of your audience, your competition and which tactics and tools to use to take your rightful place in the market.

Having an experienced healthcare marketing consultant in your corner will help you find the right consumer audiences despite strict HIPPA laws preventing companies from buying data related to medical conditions. We can also help get your products in front of the right HCPs, whether the products are digital or physical.

Deep Market Analysis

Analyzing your market or industry is a crucial component of any good healthcare marketing strategy. You’ll want to look at the overall size of your market and determine buying patterns, how much competition is out there, if there are barriers to entry and more. This is a general overview of the market and should be completed for both healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers. The results of your market analysis will help guide you in terms of continuing on your current path or switch gears.

Market Research Results

The results of your market research will also be part of a complete healthcare marketing strategy. Market research is more detailed and specific than your market analysis, and it will help determine many of the other elements of your strategy. With the market research complete, you should have the answers to all relevant questions that are needed to proceed.

A Multi-Channel Approach

For the best results, your marketing strategy should consist of a multi-channel or integrated approach. This refers to using a variety of different marketing channels to expand your reach and communicate with your audience where they are and on their terms. Some of the elements of a healthcare multi-channel marketing strategy include:

● Website and content creation
● Search engine optimization (SEO)
● Email marketing
● Pay-per-click advertising
● Social media marketing
● Sales promotions
● Direct mail
● Events and sponsorships

Detailed Buyer Personas

It’s important to know as much information as possible about your target audience, which is why you need to include detailed buyer personas in your marketing strategy. If you are planning on marketing to both healthcare professionals and consumers, creating personas for each and then segmenting your marketing strategies is a good idea. Include elements such as age, gender, profession, salary, hobbies, family status, fears, frustrations, needs and wants for each group in your descriptions.

Competitive Analysis

Regardless of whether you’re marketing to healthcare professionals or consumers, knowing everything there is to know about your competition is a must if you hope to succeed. You want to identify all of your major competitors for all of your buyer personas and detail their strengths and weaknesses. When you know who they are, what they do well and what they struggle with, you’ll have greater insight on the best way to proceed to claim the lion’s share of the market.

Goals and Core Competencies

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is also important if you are to grow and make your mark. Goal setting with your company’s core competencies in mind will allow you to create the tactics that play to your strengths and are the most productive.

Lead Generation Plan

Without quality leads, you can’t sell anything to healthcare professionals or consumers. Based on your detailed personas and other information you’ve gathered and collected, you will be able to come up with effective lead generation ideas that will engage your audiences and build a relationship that lasts.

Tools for Measuring and Assessment

Measuring and assessing your results is a key component to any great marketing campaign, and you’ll need to know the tools and methods you’re going to use before you get started. It’s safe to say that no marketing campaign is without issues, but when you have sound analytical tools in place, you can troubleshoot and make the necessary adjustments to keep going and turn things around.

Allowances for Government Regulation

Unlike most other markets, the healthcare market has many different regulations that must be respected and followed if you plan on staying in business. There’s nothing worse than having a campaign shut down because you used terminology that wasn’t approved or madea claim that shouldn’t be made. Most of the time, these are innocent mistakes, but the consequences are still the same. When you are marketing to consumers, you could face serious fines by the FDA for improper labeling, which is why it’s crucial to retain the services of a skilled healthcare marketing consultant.

When marketing to doctors and other healthcare professionals, knowing how to get in front of them and how they like to engage with companies makes all the difference in the world. In this ultra-competitive space, with prospects that rarely have the time to digest your ads, experience is key.

Partnering with a Proven Marketing Consultant

When you have all the components of a good healthcare marketing strategy in place, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience, follow the behaviors of your customers, build trust and remain top of mind in your niche. At WSI Healthy Digital Solutions, we specialize in the healthcare industry and will create a marketing strategy that helps you rise to the top.

Contact us for more information or read more information about the Marketing Strategy for Healthcare companies.

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