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Why Do I Need a Healthcare Marketing Strategy?

Why Do I Need a Healthcare Marketing Strategy?
Summary: For most businesses, people power, money and time are its greatest resources. You can save on all three with a strong marketing strategy in place.

In the healthcare industry, having a sound marketing strategy is crucial if you plan to reach your audience on a deep level, comply with regulations and capture a sizable share of your market. An effective marketing strategy maps out your long-term marketing goals and details the tactics you plan to implement to reach them. Without one, you may end up on the wrong side of government legislation, alienate your intended audience and see your competitors pass you by in the marketplace.

The Right Message for the Right Audience

Crafting the right messaging for your audience is a key component of relationship building and taking your business to new heights. In the healthcare industry, you may be marketing to both professionals and consumers, in which case there will be very different messages. Each of these audiences has different wants, needs, fears and frustrations and the products they want are also different. With a sound marketing strategy in place, your messages will resonate with your chosen audience.
Marketing to healthcare consumers requires deep knowledge about labeling, ad placement and other elements that need to be current in order to avoid fines and have your marketing efforts shut down. Marketing to HCPs can be nearly impossible if you don’t already know how to get in front of them and engage them in your marketing messages. Most have little time to look at your ads and the marketplace is highly competitive.

Reach Them Where They Are

Your greatest chance for success is with healthcare multi-channel marketing. This means using a variety of different marketing channels to attract, engage and communicate with your audience. If you only used one, such as content marketing, you may get a decent number of new customers, but if you also added email marketing, SEO, PPC ads, direct mail and sales promotions, your chances would multiply dramatically.

It also gives you the opportunity to meet your target audience where they are in the buyer’s journey. You can engage them on their own terms and enter the conversations they’re having in their minds and then merge your sales message seamlessly. All of this can be detailed and planned in a good healthcare marketing strategy.

Save Your Most Valuable Resources

For most businesses, people power, money and time are its greatest resources. You can save on all three with a strong marketing strategy in place. You’ll have a budget in place that won’t lead to unnecessary spending, the process from where you are to meet your goals will be shorter and it will be much more efficient.

A Clear Roadmap – It’s like having a clear roadmap to your destination instead of just taking off and hoping for the best. And if you find you may be off course, you’ll have a valuable point of reference to consult to get things back on track.
A Strict Timeline – Without a solid, detailed plan in place, projects can get far behind schedule and end up taking much longer than anticipated. A healthcare marketing strategy will; save you time and ultimately, money.
Specific Roles for Team Members – Keeping team members focused and on task can be a challenge, but it’s much easier when everyone knows their role and what’s expected of them.

Deep Understanding of the Competition

Knowing the healthcare industry competitive landscape before you launch campaigns and create new products and services is paramount. If you don’t know who all the major players are, along with their strengths and weaknesses, you’re going to have trouble competing in the marketplace. Doing a deep competitive analysis as part of your marketing strategy will help position you to gain valuable market share and will open up opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Healthcare Brand Strategy

Consistent branding across all of your platforms and marketing channels is critical if you hope to form a strong bond with both healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers. Taking time for brand strategy will improve customer loyalty and increases brand awareness in the healthcare industry.

Regulation Compliance

Regulations are always going to be part of the healthcare industry, and depending on your specific niche, there may be tight restrictions on what you can say in your advertising and messaging. With a professional healthcare marketing strategy, the regulation aspect will be addressed and accounted for, so you can remain in compliance and there are no unpleasant surprises in the future. HIPPA laws no longer allow companies to purchase direct data about who has specific medical conditions, so it’s more important than ever to have access to a marketing consultant that can find indicators like symptoms and treatments and create lookalike audiences.

A Proven Healthcare Marketing Partner

At WSI Healthy Digital Solutions, we have marketing experience in the healthcare industry and will provide you with a wide range of marketing activities that will generate results. Whether it’s healthcare market research, brand positioning of healthcare companies or implementing proven healthcare marketing tactics, we have the solutions you need.

Contact us for more information or read more information about the Marketing Strategy for Healthcare companies.

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